About Us

Unbounded Technologies specializes in SharePoint development services. Our principal clients are government agencies and businesses that require individualized intranet and extranet operations to support intercommunication, or custom functions and databases. We offer a full range of services for intranet and extranet design and development.

We have been developing all types of web sites since 1997 as part of Sidereal Designs, Inc. In 2013 Unbounded Technologies was formed out of Sidereal Designs to specialize in the growing SharePoint market. In addition to deep expertise in all aspects of SharePoint development, we thus bring to your project many years of experience in all phases of general web site design and development. Contact us

SharePoint For the Enterprise

We build intranet and extranet sites that reliably do exactly what you need them to do. We can accomplish this via the internet, no matter where you are.

We have great expertise in:

  • Specialized intranets for business needs
  • Databases and content management systems
  • Public-facing SharePoint sites
  • Complex, custom web part development
  • SharePoint architecture and requirements analysis
  • Documentation and training

If your business needs SharePoint operations, tailor-made content management systems, or custom SharePoint web-parts, Unbounded Technologies can help.

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